Tom (Teeg) Merchant

"I am the son of an architect who worked for Lloyd Wright back in the day. Dad used to be sent to Union Station to pick up Frank Lloyd Wright and carry his luggage and chauffer him around LA. I am lucky to have been born into it. I'm a lifer in the trades."

“I have been on construction sites since childhood and was trying to help before I was of any use.

When I was 20 my father and I started building spec homes.  We built 7 together. After that there are too many renovations, remodels, decks, (etc) to recollect. I am a lifer in the trades.

I still have a crew and subs as needed and build things. Currently mostly ADU’S.
I am also an artist/craftsman. I have a wood shop in Topanga Canyon where I design and build casework, furniture and architectural details. I restore antique furniture.
And I’m often am blessed with sculptured commissions.

Pretty much fun.”

Awards & Recognition
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Linda Daniella


Latest Album

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Silver Linings

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Curtain Fall

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Once Bitten

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